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Dr. Harrison has dedicated this website to bringing Functional Medicine to all who need it. He has dedicated his practice to searching for the root cause of his client’s condition, finding the imbalance or disregulation in the body’s neuroendocrine system and organ system physiology, and addressing these problems at the cellular level in order to achieve lasting change in their health. Understanding that he is one person and can only take on a handful of clients and maintain quality of care, he created the Membership portion of the website where he walks you through your functional medicine / detoxification program by video and printable materials at a very affordable rate.  You can check out month one videos and printable materials for the nominal cost of $7 for a period of one week.  If you find it helpful, membership is $67 per month for the first 12 months. Membership includes all the information he provides to his One on One clients, without the personal attention, a 20% discount in our store, and is a great option for those he cannot accept as a client or for those who feel they do not need the personal attention.

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Functional Medicine is a holistic patient centered approach to solving or uncovering the underlying cause of one’s symptoms or illness rather than looking at symptoms and applying a treatment or medicine to alleviate them


Functional medicine can heal a wide range of common ailments.

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