For and in consideration of sourcing potential members for, (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) and this interested party (hereinafter referred to as “the affiliate”) wanting to source potential members for the company, agree to enter into this affiliate agreement.

The affiliate agrees and acknowledges that they will be provided a link and several banner type ads for display in email distribution, on their website or other marketing materials.  The affiliate may use this link or these banner ads on their website and or in marketing materials in order to source potential members for  The company trusts this marketing to be done in an ethical and professional manner.

The affiliate agrees to and acknowledges that this affiliation in no way transfers any ownership whatsoever of copyrighted material or trademarked material of the company and the company retains all rights concerning both.  The reposting, marketing or use of any of the company’s copyrighted or trademarked material in any manner is strictly prohibited unless authorized in writing prior. reserves the right to cancel any affiliation with any affiliate that breaches any portion of this agreement at any time.  The company also reserves the right to terminate any affiliate who the company feels is marketing in an unethical or unprofessional manner at the sole discretion of the company. Such termination will be delivered by email and effective immediately.  If so all compensation due will be paid according to the payout formula below on any members sourced by the affiliate prior to the affiliation termination date.

As compensation for affiliate sourcing and directing of potential members to, the company will pay the affiliate as outlined below.

Affiliates will be paid $45 per month on any affiliate sourced monthly member.  Disbursements will begin 31 days after commencement of the membership and continue monthly for 12 months.  Any and all disbursements will cease permanently upon cancellation or termination of the members monthly membership.  (Affiliate sourced monthly members may cancel their membership at any time)

Affiliates will be paid $297 for any yearly affiliate sourced member that maintains their membership for at least 61 days.  Payment will be disbursed within 91 days of commencement of the membership.  Affiliates will be paid $25 for any affiliate sourced yearly members who cancel their yearly membership with the first 30 days.  Affiliates will be paid $50 for any affiliate sourced yearly members who cancel their yearly membership between 31 and 60 days. (Affiliate sourced yearly members may cancel their membership within the first sixty days).