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In order to determine if you are a good candidate for a customized Functional Medicine program with Dr. Harrison, fill out the required information for a free phone consultation with us. You can leave a message but it isn’t required. Please at least leave the best time to reach you. If you prefer, you can call the office to schedule your free health consultation at 407-522-5858.

During your 10-15 minute phone consultation you can share information about your condition and ask any questions you may have. The goal of this free consultation is to see if you qualify for a consultation with Dr. Harrison.

What Clients Say?

dietary recommendations

supplementation programs

detoxification procedures

healing at the cellular level

In Depth Consultation with Dr. Harrison

During this call Dr. Harrison will review in depth your family and personal history as well as a review of systems. He will review any relevant lab testing you have available and answer any questions you have about your case. Dr. Harrison tailors his Functional Medicine programs based on your history, the latest and most up to date lab testing and your own personal goals you would like to achieve. At the conclusion of the call Dr. Harrison will let you know if you are a good candidate for care and whether or not he can accept you as a client.

Your One On One

If accepted into care Dr. Harrison will begin the process by ordering any indicated lab testing he feels is in order. A nutritional appointment will be scheduled with his staff to begin to address diet and removing stressors in your body. Once lab results are received Dr. Harrison will either meet with you in the office or by phone / Skype to review the findings and customize your Functional Medicine protocol to include dietary modification, nutritional supplementation, and various forms of detoxification and fasting, stress reduction and exercise recommendations. Our programs typically last 12 months or more. We are excited and committed to helping you regain your health so you can enjoy life on your terms!

By the time you complete your program you will have been educated on how to take care of yourself so that you can continue to maintain your health on your own.

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Once you’ve booked your time you’ll be taken to a questionnaire where we’ll gather a bit of information before your consult.