Fix the Cells and Get Well

We are a Functional Medicine health care center that focuses on helping people with serious health conditions get their lives back. Using the most up to date diagnostic testing procedures we are many times able to discover underlying dysfunctions in your physiology that can seriously impact your health. A breakdown in physiology and toxicity at the cellular level driving inflammation and in many cases autoimmune response is found to be responsible for many chronic illnesses. Our goal is to find out what is driving this inflammation and what systems are being affected.

Once we have thoroughly evaluated your health history and analyzed your test results we can then formulate a customized Functional Medicine program to include dietary recommendations, detoxification procedures and supplementation needed to help correct compromised physiology. It is my opinion that true detoxification and healing occurs at the cellular level. If we can fix the cells we can get you well.

dietary recommendations

supplementation programs

detoxification procedures

healing at the cellular level

Health Restoration Blueprint™

  • History & Testing (In-Depth Evaluation & Advanced Laboratory Testing)
  • Remove stressors (structural, emotional, chemical) and open up the body’s detox pathways
  • Restore proper bowel flora, heal the gut, reduce inflammation at the cellular level and strengthen metabolic pathways / organ systems
  • Remove heavy metals and toxins (Biotoxins, bacteria, viruses, parasites etc….)
  • Proper diet, nutrition and exercise for lasting results

As we work through your program and the cells begin to heal we see the body become more sensitive to hormones again. Insulin, thyroid and other hormone resistance reduces, weight that was difficult to lose begins to melt away, brain fog lifts, your ability to focus improves, energy levels increase as well as sleep patterns.

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Healing Chronic Illness Naturally

Functional Medicine is a holistic patient centered approach to solving or uncovering the underlying cause of one’s symptoms or illness rather than looking at symptoms and applying a treatment or medicine to alleviate them. Based on the latest science Functional Medicine’s approach is to take a very thorough history and look upstream as to what may be driving the condition or symptoms a person is experiencing, understanding that symptoms manifest because something has been lost or physiology is in a state of dysregulation.

This dysregulation, driven by stressors such as heavy metals, environmental toxins, too much sugar and bad fat in the diet and stress (whether emotional, physical or chemical), can lead to serious systemic inflammation at the cellular level and throws the body into a state of dysregulation. This is typically when symptoms appear. Specific diagnostic testing procedures are then ordered that will detect underlying dysfunctions.

Many times this is where we discover things that may have been overlooked. This gives us a whole different way of evaluating and treating chronic illness to include thyroid conditions; heart disease; type II diabetes; fibromyalgia; chronic fatigue; weight loss resistance; Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s; autism spectrum disorders; and many other autoimmune conditions.