Membership Agreement

Thank you for your interest in our membership program.  Below are the options for membership, their cost and cancellation policy.  Regardless of whether you pay monthly for twelve months or opt for the one-time payment (and do not cancel in the first 60 days), your membership, once paid for, allows you lifetime access to the membership program.  Please bear in mind that great expense has been made to compile and deliver this information in this format.  It is proprietary and has great value for those who apply the knowledge Dr. Harrison has compiled.  His wish is to make this affordable to all who need it but also give them the option to cancel their membership if needed.  Please read carefully your options below and if you have ANY questions at all please free to call the office or email us at for clarification.

Option One:  Our annual membership fee of $1164 to be paid monthly for 12 months at $97 per month.  ($97 x 12 = $1164)

  • Cancellation:  This membership can be cancelled at any time and any remaining balance due on the annual fee is waived.  We simply do not process any more monthly payments once notified of cancellation.  Cancellation can be made by phone, email or in writing at the following:

1607 E. Silver Star Rd.

Ocoee, FL    34761    USA


Option Two:  Our annual membership fee of $1164 discounted to $597 (48% discount) for making one payment.

  • Cancellation:  This membership can be cancelled within the first sixty days of membership.  Reimbursement and the amount will be made according to the schedule below.  After 60 days no refund is available

Between day 1 and day 30 – The member will be reimbursed $500 ($597 – $97 = $500).  $97, our normal monthly fee, is deducted from the annual fee for you having access to the site for 30 days.

Between day 31 and day 60 – The member will be reimbursed $403 ($597 – $97 – $97 = $403).  $97, our normal monthly fee, is deducted for each of the two months you have access to the site.

Beyond 60 days – No refund is available.

All refunds shall be made as expediently as possible and should be received within 5 business days. In the event there it doesn’t arrive please contact us at the number above for immediate assistance.